Back Acne – What It Is, The Causes And The Treatments


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Back Acne

You may not see it, but if you have it, you will definitely feel it.  While not everybody gets back acne, this condition is so common that it has even earned the nickname ‘bacne’.  It sounds funny, but in reality it isn’t.  The back area has thousands of sebaceous glands and every one produces lots of oil.  Tight-fitting clothing and clothing constructed from fabrics that do not let the skin to breathe are 2 of the biggest instigators of acne on the back.  Even wearing a backpack has been accredited to triggering bouts of back acne. 

These kinds of clothing and accessories will trap the oil that’s being continuously produced by the sebaceous glands on your back.  And just like the acne that forms on other parts of the body, when the sebaceous gland becomes clogged, dead skin cells get trapped inside the hair follicles and soon, bacteria is on its way, inflaming the tissues that surround the affected areas and causing acne. 

You can get any type of acne on the back including whiteheads and blackheads, pustules (the surface kind), papules (a little deeper) or the acne can develop deep into the skin and cause acne cysts.  Acne on back doesn’t appear to be caused by hereditary, stress or a poor diet, but long hair has been known to aggravate the pores on the back.  If you happen to have long hair and back acne, you may want to try and keep your hair off your back. 

Back Acne treatments 

The skin that covers the back is much thicker than the skin on any other parts of the body where acne has a tendency to appear.  And due to this distinction in skin thickness, the treatment regime for ‘bacne’ will be different. 

It’s still extremely important that you keep your back clean and the best way is to bath or shower regularly, particularly after working out.  Use a skin cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid.  If haven’t used one before, now is the time to learn how to gently use a loofah so that you can start removing those dead skin cells (also referred as exfoliating). 

After washing and drying your skin, apply a topical product which has benzoyl peroxide to the areas on the back that are affected by acne and make sure you allow the product to fully absorb into your skin.  Keep in mind that this may stain clothing.  Also, it is very important that you only treat the areas that have acne, rather than slathering the product all over your back.   

That’s about all you need to treat and prevent back acne. A good number of people don’t wash their backs as well as they should so replacing this bad habit can create nearly immediate results. Of course if the acne in your back is severe, you should consult with a doctor or dermatologist.


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