Is Acne Contagious?


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Acne is among one of the most troubling disorders. A lot of us suffer from acne even while growing up. Acne can ruin the way we look and even affect our confidence. The scars are even worse and can make us very self-conscious. Have you ever wonder if acne could be contagious? Should we stay away from people who have it?

Acne -  is it contagious or not?

For any type of diseases or condition to be contagious, there must be some agent that gets transmitted from one individual to another.  For instance, in ringworm one can pass on the fungus to someone else and affect him/her.  Acne provides nothing to be transmitted from one person to another.  There’s nothing that we should worry about, as we can’t catch anything from someone else that can create acne on our skin.

Acne and the causes

How is acne caused?  Acne is caused by an excessive production of sebum, which is hormonal. The gland block that produces the sebum and makes it stay inside is just dead skin and is also developed by hormonal and other unknown reasons. Propionibacterium acnes, abbreviated P. acnes, is the bacteria that inflames acne. P acnes bacteria is found on the skin of every person. Absolutely none of these are reasons for causing acne to be passed on. As you can see, acne is not contagious.

What steps should I take to avoid acne?

By taking the following steps, you could avoid or minimize acne:

·         Avoid stress:    Stress will increase your hormone levels and could create or worsen acne.  Try to relax more so you can control the level of your stress.


·         Keep your skin surface healthy :  You can keep the top layer of your skin healthy by using AHA’s etc.


·         Wash your face daily: Wash your face twice a day to keep it clean of dirt and oils.  Do not over wash it or it could irritate your skin and make matters worse.


·         Reduce makeup: Most make up is very oily, which could give you acne, so try not to put too much of it on your skin.

Also, if you’re taking birth control pills, or are nearing pregnancy, consult your doctor about the possibility of acne and how to prevent it.


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