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A simple light therapy treatment could be one of the most effective cures of acne. First created to iron out wrinkles, as demonstrated by a study carried out at a London hospital. The Hammersmith Hospital in West London tested Low Level Laser Therapy commonly used in private beauty salons on 30 patients who were suffering from mild to moderate acne.

After twelve weeks their acne had been reduced to half.  For the meantime, those on a dummy treatment showed no improvement.  Findings confirm that those with the most severe symptoms displayed the most astounding improvement, mainly within the first month of laser treatment.  Based on experts’ conclusions, the results are much faster than most conventional acne antibiotic treatments, which could take as long as 8 months to work. 

The study revealed that a single 5 minute session can have a remarkable effect on acne that can last for up to 12 months.  Physicians used a treatment called pulse dye laser therapy.  With this laser therapy for acne, the affected area is exposed to short bursts of light.  This procedure had been used to get rid of wrinkles as it is known to increase collagen production in the skin. 

Tony Chu, the dermatologist who led the therapy trial, stated that they were brought in to see if the anecdotal evidence worked in a clinical trial and they discovered that it was very successful.  “However”, Chu said, “We still don’t know for certain how it works and that is an area we are now working on”. 

The expert explained that the treatment appears to be showing a similar type of effect as acne antibiotics, but without the possible side effects. Chu also mentioned that they will need to test the procedure to see if it works as well on acne around other parts of the body, and work out the treatment which is most clinically effective.


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